Global Gamification Hackathon is Coming – Gerçekleşiyor! #48hourGamification

As Gamfed Turkey, we organize events that contribute to the gamification ecosystem under the leadership of Ercan Altuğ Yılmaz. In the past months, we have organized physical and virtual gamification hackathons in Turkey. We are planning to organize a 48-hour virtual gamification hackathon under the name of Global Gamification Hackathon, where 10 teams from 10 different countries will compete.

World-renowned gamification pioneers Adrian Hon, Andrzej Marczewski, Pete Baikins, Roman Rackwitz, Toby Beresford and Yu-Kai Chou will also be with us.

Event will start with 20-minute opening speech (Friday 24.02.2023) then Mentoring teams via Discord for 1 hour (Saturday, 25.02.2023) and finally presentation to Jury member for 2-3 hours (26.02.2023 Sunday evening)

Please check and attend this great evet at our website:

GamFed Turkey Team

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