Later last year, NVIDIA announced an important technology for the computer and gaming world. This system, called RTX ray tracing technology, offers differences on its own, although it is better than the previous series.

Ray Tracing what ?

RTX technology is a new graphics technology that was announced by NVIDIA in late 2018 and is claimed to be the product of 10 years of work.

Essentially, the system, as the name implies, is based on tracking the rays of every object hitting light in the virtual world created with three-dimensional images.

This follow-up continues from where the light comes out, to where the object falls on it, from there to all the other objects and its reflection on the screen. Of course, if there is more than one light, the system will take into account the distribution and reflection of all the lights. Therefore, the reflections and lights displayed on the screen will be transferred to us similar to the reflections we see in the real world.

How NVIDIA RTX graphics cards work ?

NVIDIA has switched to a new architecture with the RTX series. This new architecture, called Turing, offers impressive improvements on paper.

Produced with 12nm, these new graphics processors are 50% more powerful and 10 times faster than previous generation Pascal processors. So what has changed in the basic structure of the new graphics processor and what’s new ?

The new Turing graphics processors continue to carry CUDA cores, which we have seen in previous generations. However, two different core types are integrated into the graphics processor. The first core, called Tensor, was designed for the development of machine and artificial intelligence learning. On the other hand, we see RT cores that offer the ability to monitor real-time rays. In summary, a smarter and more advanced brand new architecture has been prepared.

All of these are hardware units designed for the effective operation of real-time ray tracing technology. However, for the system to work effectively, it has to offer extra improvements on the software side.

At this point, NVIDIA uses many software for this technology. For example, with NVIDIA OptiX, the problem of fragmentation and noise in low light areas is resolved and a smooth image is provided.

On the other hand, while Vulkan API is preparing ray tracking support, there are also improvements in DirectX. Microsoft’s DirectX technology, which allows us to play games and improves visual performance, is compatible with RTX transactions, with new support called DXR.

Of course, NVIDIA has its own drivers in the final software point. In particular, RTX performance from Battlefield V was increased at incredible levels with driver updates. At this point, the software part is vital for technology.

Should Ray Tracing be preferred?

Although ray tracing technology has just been announced, it is a system that has been used for a long time in the film and animation industry. However, this technology does not require real-time monitoring.

Even your video card you are currently using can monitor the ray. Of course, in terms of the content and size of the scene you are trying to create, this ability can take several days.

Ray tracing needs to be done in real time, as games are virtual actions on the go. At this point, the biggest obstacle is the hardware that can provide enough power. NVIDIA has made a serious start in hardware point with RTX series.

Although technology is new and powerful, it has never been used on a daily consumer basis. Therefore, consumers need to adapt and adopt this technology. At this point, the biggest job is of course for game developers.

Currently, game developers use this technology in their games. However, the number of developers using it is very low. Therefore, we need to wait a little longer for us to see the new technology in its full form. However, considering that the new RTX graphics cards are able to offer higher performance than existing cards and offer extra ray tracking support, it may be a good choice to upgrade within the current budget.

Effects on the world of players

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the game is a lifestyle for me. Playing games has become our lifestyle to get lost in the world created by the game. The reality of the world, which is created as technology develops and we spend time in, is increasing day by day.

Rtx technology helps to increase the reality of the world we want to stay in. We will be able to spend more time and have fun in the worlds created by the developers who stay at the computer and spend more than 10 hours on computers. This technology will lead to a revolution in the game world for me..

Even though rtx usage decreases fps from time to time, thanks to the technology we call Dlss, it takes 30 fps to minimize the fps drops, while allowing you to get numbers that can double as 60 fps. The anxiety of the players in this regard will be reduced to less time.


I want to share a game I was curious about, you should definitely play..

Assasins creed has left many of their assassin playing styles behind, but we have an admiration for vikings and a great action game where we can learn their culture, ship experiences, as well as combat traditions.

I have stated some of my views about the Rtx logic and the changes to be made about the games in this article. If you have platforms and suggestions that you use from this and similar platforms for different purposes, you can reach them by sending an e-mail ([email protected]) or by commenting on the article.

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